Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This year my parents are out of town visiting our extended family in Ohio/Kentucky. Every year my dad’s brother rents out the bowling alley and tons of people bring food and hang out. It’s great because there are all sorts of age ranges and bowling is pretty family friendly.

I got a couple Thanksgiving invitations from friends, but it looks like I’m going to be hanging out at home in bed with this lingering cold and cough. I picked up a turkey breast and some butternut squash soup from a local restaurant, so I will have some yummy stuff to eat and no work or clean up!

Is anyone going shopping for Black Friday? I have to work that day, but I know some stores open early and we have a big shopping area right near my office in case I want to run out at lunch. I’m sorta over Black Friday though, because I feel that the deals aren’t that good and the craziness is too exhausting. If you have time to camp out for 24 hours to save a couple bucks… well couldn’t you just work and make way more money for the time?

However, I am excited for the day after Christmas, which has been a great shopping day for me in recent years. For example, Banana Republic has run a 50% off all sale items and I’ve been able to get a bunch of stuff super cheap. (Like $5-$10 tops.) Of course, my closet/house is packed with too much stuff, so I don’t really need to go buying things.

What are your plans?

One Comment on “Thanksgiving & Black Friday”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving lady! So sorry you’re home sick but I’m glad you have something good to eat!
    Definitely not doing anything for Black Friday. I don’t think the deals are all that great either! Heck yes on day after x-mas! I always get next years x-mas wrapping paper, bows, labels and anything else for decorating for at least 50-75% off… and clothes! Yay!

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