Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish

I went on a bit of a spree at Ulta this weekend. I wanted to pick up some of the new Essie Luxeffects top coats I’d seen on Pinterest. Of course I had not been to a cosmetic store in a while and they had all their fun holiday gift sets, and sale things, and buy so many, get something free deals… I went overboard. But they had stuff like $7 eyeliner pencil for $1! I managed to get some cute little stocking stuffers, too.

One funny thing that happened, when I was looking at the different makeup sets the sales lady came over and asked if I was shopping for my daughter. I gave her an involuntary “bitch, please” face and said, “Um, actually my mom maybe?” I’m not saying I’m not old enough to have a kid, but I more frequently get asked if I’m an undergrad, and since any kid I would have would not need a 100 color makeup set. I wonder if that lady puts her foot in her mouth a lot, or sells a lot of wrinkle cream that way!

Here’s the manicure I did yesterday. I really need to get my cuticles in better shape.

December Manicure

Essie “Brooch the Subject” Winter 2011, a creamy cashmere cameo

Essie “As Gold As It Gets” Luxeffects Top Coat, gilded lamé sparkles