Rad stuff I’ve bought lately

All Together canvas print from Etsy shop Kiki and Polly - The Art of Lisa Golightly

Orla Kiely Stem Print Towel

Bunny Ring from Etsy shop TheRogueAndTheWolf

Necklace from Beaucoup Vintage

Painting Pottery

Last weekend, I went to use a Groupon to a local pottery painting place. I picked out a small vase and a medium-sized platter. The colors go on very light, so it’s a little hard to imagine how the finished piece will look. You have to put down three layers in order to get the darkest color of each paint. The paints don’t mix well, like traditional paint. I’m also a little rusty with a paintbrush. I did a knock off Orla Kiely stem design. I think it turned out pretty well, considering.


The finished pieces, after being glazed and fired:

My Friend the Artist

Portrait by Nicole Bourgea

Portrait by Nicole Bourgea

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My best friend from Catholic school is a professional artist. Nicole Bourgea is extremely talented and takes commissions. You can read her blog “I Hate to Alarm You” here or see more of her work at her portfolio site.

I think it would be extremely cool to have her paint my portrait. It’s not really in the budget for me with the family issues and being mid-MBA, but I might ask about her rates and start a fund for a future sitting. If you decide to check it out for yourself, please let me know. I’d love to see the results!