NYC November!

I finally bought tickets for mom and I to take the train to NYC for a day in November. Prices kept changing (exactly like booking a flight, except with no competition) and trains I wanted kept selling out, so we are leaving out of DC at 5:25 am (I know, I want to die just thinking about it). We should be in NYC by 8:45 and then our train home leaves at 6 pm. We could have left a few hours later, but I was concerned about driving home from DC so late. The train trip takes about 3 and a half hours and I am really hoping to sleep on the way up.

Top stop is the brand new Orla Kiely store. I just remembered how expensive designer stuff is, but it will be fun to try on a $500 dress, and I’m hoping to pick up a new purse and maybe some housewares.

I also got the recommendation to visit Uniqlo, Zara and Top Shop. I’d also like to stop in the huge H&M (5th and 52nd) but it’s always packed and I’m not sure what my tolerance will be for that nonsense.

I’m not sure what else we will have time for. I normally stop in the Met when I’m in town because it is donation-based admission and is huge and awesome. I also need to figure some good options for breakfast and lunch.

One Comment on “NYC November!”

  1. I cannot wait to see your NY pics! SOOOO jealous!

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