My new bunny

Successfully made it to the fair yesterday. It was pretty huge and we didn’t get there until 3:30, so we still need to go back hopefully Thursday or Friday night.

Mom borrowed a wheelchair and pushed me around all day because I wouldn’t have had the stamina to walk around on my own. [Still sick, feeling maybe 10% better. Still no diagnosis.]

We didn’t see the livestock up for ribbons, but we did make it to the petting zoo where they also had animals for sale. I ended up impulse-buying a baby bunny.

Domino the Bunny

Domino the Bunny

I bought a cage and a few days’ worth of food from the people selling the bunnies, but had to go to the Tractor Supply Center this morning to get him a water bottle and some more hay.

I’ve decided to name him Domino. He’s supposedly about 2 months old and will about double in size until he weighs approximately 4 pounds. He is a mini rex, which is a breed known for short, velvety fur. He is so soft.

I’m trying to get him used to people. He will cuddle sometimes, but also likes to bite me on the hand and forearm. Bunnies like to chew everything, but I hope he outgrows the biting because the sucker can hurt.

They can be litter box trained, which I want to try to do, but apparently it can take weeks.

One Comment on “My new bunny”

  1. Lara says:

    He’s wonderful! I know you’re going to spoil him rotten!
    I can’t believe you haven’t gotten a diagnosis yet! This is absurd.
    Hope Domino brings you cheer and perks you up! 🙂

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