State Fair

The State Fair of Virginia opened this week.

I scored my family advance “season” passes for just $11 each. It’s normally over $11 just to get in for one day. We have been planning to go this weekend [here’s hoping I feel up to it!].

Funnel cake is out for me, but I am hoping to be able to get some cotton candy and maybe a bit of some ridiculous fried food (thinking maybe Oreo). I’ll probably mainly pack my own snacks though.

I am excited to see adorable baby animals. They have an Australian animal show this year, and there’s the always-popular pig races. I also like seeing all the long-haired rabbits and other cuties up for prizes.

It seems like they will have a farmers market and a lot of vendors, so hopefully I can pick up something yummy. The rides freak me out a little bit (they seem unsafe), but maybe I will get one a few. I’m sure my brother will want to do rides and games, where I will want to eat, shop and look at animals.

2 Comments on “State Fair”

  1. Lara says:

    Oh I sure hope you do feel up to it! The weather is going to be gorgeous!
    The bunnies are my favorite!

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