Consignment Shopping in Martha’s Vineyard

Everything on Martha’s Vineyard is extra expensive, which I think is due to the fact that a lot of rich people either live or vacation there and the remote nature of the island (there’s no bridge, so you have to have a ferry, or fly). It costs about $90 to take the vehicle ferry one way, so you can’t just pop over to the mainland to run to WalMart. Plus any vacation spot is going to jack up their prices for souvenirs or forgotten essentials.

The island is home to fancy preppy brands like Vineyard Vines, so I didn’t plan to get a bunch of traditional souvenirs, but I did manage to find a good consignment haul. The shop I scored at is called Martha’s Closet and it’s in a small shopping center in Vineyard Haven (near award winning seafood market The Net Result). The other store was near this bike shop in Woods Hole, on the mainland, but I can’t find it online (and the shop wasn’t as good).

Please excuse my face in these pictures. I’m not sure what was going on.

Velvet is one of my favorite brands (except when they make those super crazy slut dresses) because their dresses are super comfortable and versatile to dress up or down. My local consignment shop sells Velvet brand dresses for around $60. I scored this dark purple one for $25.

Purple Dress by Velvet

Purple Dress by Velvet

This top is a silky material, but I think it’s synthetic. It’s by a brand called Strawberry that I’ve never heard of. It’s not the best top, but it fit nicely, would be good for work, and was under $10.

Black and White Polka Dot Top

Black and White Polka Dot Top

This skirt was from Express and isn’t cutting edge fashion, but it was on clearance for $1.50, so even if I just wear it to church, I’ll feel like I got a good deal. It’s black with white and red dots and a nice comfy elastic waist.

Black Skirt from Express

Black Skirt from Express

This is an Anthropologie stretch mesh top by Moth paired with a fantastically comfortable super-soft stretch denim skirt.

Anthropologie (Moth) Top with Jean Skirt

Anthropologie (Moth) Top with Jean Skirt

Everything above (plus the pink top seen in the last post and a long skirt that I haven’t photographed yet) came to $75, and they don’t have sales tax on clothing.

And here’s the one outfit I got from the Wood’s Hole shop. It was on clearance too, for about $12 for both pieces. It doesn’t fit me perfectly (the top could be tailored a little better), but the skirt fits great and only $12!

Jacket and Skirt from White House Black Market

Jacket and Skirt from White House Black Market

Next time I’ll write about the few small new items I picked up.

One Comment on “Consignment Shopping in Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Lara says:

    You got some really great deals! Definitely some good basics to get you through work! The suit is adorable! Taking the jacket in shouldn’t be a big deal at all!

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