Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish

I went on a bit of a spree at Ulta this weekend. I wanted to pick up some of the new Essie Luxeffects top coats I’d seen on Pinterest. Of course I had not been to a cosmetic store in a while and they had all their fun holiday gift sets, and sale things, and buy so many, get something free deals… I went overboard. But they had stuff like $7 eyeliner pencil for $1! I managed to get some cute little stocking stuffers, too.

One funny thing that happened, when I was looking at the different makeup sets the sales lady came over and asked if I was shopping for my daughter. I gave her an involuntary “bitch, please” face and said, “Um, actually my mom maybe?” I’m not saying I’m not old enough to have a kid, but I more frequently get asked if I’m an undergrad, and since any kid I would have would not need a 100 color makeup set. I wonder if that lady puts her foot in her mouth a lot, or sells a lot of wrinkle cream that way!

Here’s the manicure I did yesterday. I really need to get my cuticles in better shape.

December Manicure

Essie “Brooch the Subject” Winter 2011, a creamy cashmere cameo

Essie “As Gold As It Gets” Luxeffects Top Coat, gilded lamé sparkles

2 Comments on “Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish”

  1. Oh man.. what a piece of work that lady was! You look like you just got outta high school for crying out loud.
    ULTA gets me every time with their crazy deals. Love that mani. I’ve been wanting to do gold over a nude-ish color. Oh, and your cuticles look great!

    • Carly says:

      They have another gold top coat that is supposed to be more of an “aura,” which is what I thought I got. The official picture of the gold I bought makes it look much more blingy and yellow than it is in person. Which is good for me. I wonder what the other one looks like in person.

      I think I will do dark blue with glitter next. Glitter all month!

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