World Lupus Day

Today is the 7th annual World Lupus Day. While I don’t have Lupus myself, I know a lot of wonderful ladies who struggle with the disease. Also, since Lupus is an autoimmune disease, I can relate to a lot of what Lupus patients have to go through.

You can read more about World Lupus Day here.

Lupus Foundation of America

Read some stories about Lupus (and other diseases) at But You Don’t Look Sick.

Donate to my friend Stephanie’s Lupus Walk fund.

One Comment on “World Lupus Day”

  1. Hello Carly,

    Having just been diagnosed with Lupus I have been researching like a mad woman about this disease. I came upon your blog and find it to be of great interest. I would like to follow along as you add more information and resources to the blog. Thank you so much for your help and inspiration!


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